Inching Forward

We’ve put these guys to sleep, but we’re finally getting a sense that this site can be what we envisioned . . . or at least, it will be if we carve out the time to write all the text that is needed to explain our purpose, and put in all the links that are needed to show what we can do, and get into a rhythm of blogging on all of our linked blogs, and so on.  Of course, we were going to do some meaningful work on the site this coming Monday, but no — now we’ll be spending the day roasting in the Virginia heat, hiking the dog and watching the daughter ride the pony.  There are worse ways to spend the day, of course, but then again there are better ways to make progress on our site!

imagejpeg_0 (1)
Emma & Lucky

Still working on getting a proper caption for this, but it’s Sophie swimming in the Farmington River (not in Virginia, but you get the idea).

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