Indexing Inventories

Today’s additions:

  • Robert Scott, St. Mary’s County
  • Thomas Tolley, Baltimore County
  • Benjamin Pemberton, Queen Anne’s County [including “one Tea Boyler”]
  • Edward Lloyd, Talbot County — second additional inventory
  • Richard Hewett, Baltimore County — list of debts received
  • Richard Holmes, Talbot County
  • John Dawley, Talbot County
  • Joseph Harding, Talbot County
  • William Jamestone, St. Mary’s County [including a “Wire and Wood Bird Cage”]
  • Gerard Slye, St. Mary’s County
  • Thomas Chambers, St. Mary’s County
  • William Frees, St. Mary’s County
  • Henry Spink, St. Mary’s County
  • Samuel Tarlton, St. Mary’s County
  • Mary Read, Prince George’s County [including a “flowered Sattin Gown and Pettycoat”]
  • Francis Ogg, Baltimore County [not to be confused with Og, the leprechaun in “Finian’s Rainbow”]
  • John Clements, Charles County [including 20 1/4 ells of “Princes Linnen” — does anybody know anything about Princes (Prince’s? Princes’? Princess?) linen?]

One thought on “Indexing Inventories

  1. Michael Knisley says:

    Found it. Easy-peasy. It was right where the others were, linked up in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Way to go!

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