Colonial Libraries: A Beginning

And so it begins . . . jumping into the middle, as per usual, but I hate losing information.  This will be my venue for tracking the titles that show up in Maryland probate inventories.  I’m in the middle of indexing volume 18; the inventories in the volume are mostly from 1734.  My indexing comment will be posted elsewhere, but as I come across book titles, I will enter them here.  These will be, so far as I can manage it, straight transcriptions of the titles, true to the abbreviations and creative spelling of the appraisers (not to mention the creative reworking of titles).

[And for the record, all the inventories are available at the Maryland State Archives.  Images of the documents can be found online at (search for TE1 in the Guide to Government Records).]

First up: the inventory for Thomas Tolley of Baltimore County — taken in 1732 but not probated until 1734.  And the titles are . . .

  • Woods Institutions
  • Nelsons Justice
  • English Libertys
  • untitled [“an Old Book”]
  • Acts Assembly
  • untitled [“a parcell Old Books”]

[And by the way — I have no idea where this will show up on the site.  That’s right, I don’t have the foggiest idea how this works . . . and Emma won’t be home to help for nearly two more weeks.]


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